10th Annual Louisiana Groundwater, Surface Water and Water Resources Symposium

10th Annual Louisiana Groundwater, Surface Water and Water Resources Symposium
Dalton Woods Auditorium, Energy, Coast & Environmental Building
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge


Thursday March 24, 2016

Dalton Auditorium

8:30 am           Opening remarks

Water Resources Management I

 8:35 am           Thomas Van Biersel “Current Status of Interstate Water Supply Diversion from the Lower Mississippi River

9:00 am           Mark Davis, and Chris Dalbom “Westward Ho! Thoughts on Proposed Diversions of Mississippi River Water

9:25 am           Christopher J. Dalbom “Comprehensively Thinking: Progress in Louisiana Water Law & Policy

9:50 am           Bech Bruun and Mike Reedy “Securing Texas’ Water Supply for a Drought Proof Future – The Regional Water Supply Planning Process in Texas

Break 10:15 am to 10:25 am

Professional Development

10:25 am         John Johnston “The Licensing of Geoscientists in Louisiana

10:50 am         William H. Schramm “Ethics for Geoscientists Engineers

Lunch 11:50 am to 1:15 pm

Water Resources Management II

 1:15 pm           Gary M. Hanson “Regional Water Resources: Adaptive Approaches to Policy and Management Of Groundwater, Surface Water and Response to Flood/Drought Cycles

1:40 pm           Terry Emory “City of West Monroe Sparta Reuse Facility Efforts to Save the Sparta Aquifer

2:05 pm           F. Ryan Clark, Scott A. Hemmerling, and Harris C. Bienn “A Framework to Assess Ground and Surface Water Sustainability in Louisiana

2:30 pm           Pierre Sargent and Angela L. Collier “Methods for Identification of Potential Future Threats to Louisiana’s Groundwater Supplies

Break 2:55 pm to 3:05 pm


 3:05 pm           Sherwood Gagliano “Subsidence Induced Collapse of the Mississippi Delta System

3:30 pm           Bill Thaman, and Michael Turco “Developing a Groundwater Regulatory Plan to Address Land Subsidence along the Texas Gulf Coast – The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District’s Approach to Mitigating the Problem

3:55 pm           Navid H. Jafari “Hydraulic Conductivity and Compressibility of Organic Clays in New Orleans

Conference Room

Southeast Louisiana groundwater I

 8:35 am           Tony Duplican “An Update on Addressing Saltwater Intrusion in the “2,000-ft” Sand in the Baton Rouge Area: Looking Toward the Future

9:00 am           Charles E. Heywood and John K. Lovelace “Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Chloride Transport in the “2,000-foot” Sand of the Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana, with Scenarios to Mitigate Saltwater Migration

9:25 am           Dale J. Nyman “Observations Regarding the Hydrogeology of the Baton Rouge “2000-foot” Sand

9:50 am           Jeffrey S. Hanor, “Spatial Variations in Groundwater Chemistry, Southern Hills Aquifer System – A Three-Dimensional View

Break 10:15 am to 10:25 am

Southeast Louisiana groundwater II

10:25 am         A. Hays Town Jr. “A Case History of Use and Management of the Baton Rouge Fresh Water Aquifer System

10:50 am         Hai Pham and Frank Tsai “Baton Rouge groundwater model development

Water Resources Information

11:15 am         Vincent White “Basic Water Resource Information Made Easy—Avoiding Overload and Underload: Water Resource Fact Sheets for Each of Louisiana’s Parishes

Lunch 11:40 am to 1:15 pm

Water Quality

1:15 pm           Mary L. Barrett “Oilfield Pit Groundwater and 1950s Arsenic Corrosion Inhibitor Usage, Lake St. John Field, LA: Possible Causes and Models for Arsenic and Iron Patterns

1:40 pm           Samendra Sherchan “Prevalence and Risk Management of N. fowleri in Louisiana’s Public Water Systems

2:05 pm           Keith B. Hall “Wastewater Management and Induced Seismicity

2:30 pm           Changyoon Jeong and Ernest Girouard “Evaluation of the Quality of Diverted Water from the Red Bayou for Irrigation in Northwest Louisiana

Break 2:55 pm to 3:05 pm

Water Quality & Lake Hydrology

 3:05 pm           J. Rodney Dickerson “Soil Microbiology – Key to Sustainable Water Resources

3:30 pm           Richard F Keim, Lincoln Dugué, Karen Latuso, and Sanjeev Joshi “Ecological Consequences of Altered Floodplain Hydrology for Catahoula Lake

Coastal Water Modeling

 3:55 pm           Ning Zhang, Xiao Han, and Susan Regmi   “Applications of Immersed Boundary Methods in Hydrodynamic Simulations

4:20 pm           Kelin Hu, Jim Chen and Hongqing Wang “Modeling Water Quality in Breton Sound Estuary, LA




Posters (11:50 am- 1:15 pm)

Carrier, A., M. Choi, S. Gowdy, R. Hoefeld, C. Hudson, C. Spano, C. Treloar, and C.M. Wicks “From Geophysical Well Logs to Hydrogeological Model: Learning Through a Visual and Technology Intensive Course

Stacia L. Davis “Agricultural Irrigation Water Management Using Soil Moisture Sensors in Row Crops

Hao Guo, Fenglin Han, and Hongliang Zhang “Deposition of Nitrogen and Sulfur to Louisiana Water Bodies

Maryam Roostaee, and Zhi-Qiang Deng “Spatial Analysis and Modeling of Land-Use and Land Cover Change Effects on Water Quality: Boeuf River Watershed

Vinicus R. Moreira, Brian D. LeBlanc, and Eric C. Achberger “The Use of Floating Islands to Enhance Dairy Wastewater Treatment in Southeast Louisiana


Friday March 25, 2016


Dalton Auditorium

 9:30 am           Opening remarks

Water Resources Management III

9:35 am           Amir Mani and Frank Tsai “Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater for Northern Louisiana

10:00 am         Fabiane Barato, Whitney P. Broussard III, David Borrok, and Daniel Conlin “A Geospatial Framework for Cataloguing and Analyzing Surface Water and Groundwater Withdraw Information

10:25 am         Hisham Eldardiry, Emad Habib and David Borrok “Assessment of Water Stresses in Southwest Louisiana: Effects of Uncertainties in Water Resources Availability

10:50 am         Xiao Han, and Ning Zhang “Impacts of Industrial Water Withdraws on Hydrodynamics and Salinity Transport in Calcasieu Water System

Break 11:15 am to 11:25 am

River Hydrology

 11:25 am         Sanjeev Joshi and Y. Jun Xu “Assessing Changes in River Stage Of Specific Discharge Along the Lowermost Mississippi River

11:50 am         Songjie He, Kaci Fisher, and Y.Jun Xu   “Contamination and Spatiotemporal Trends of Trace Elements in Surface Waters of the Calcasieu River Estuary

12:15 am         Emily DelDuco, Yijun Xu, Songjie He, and Kaci Fisher “Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Atchafalaya River: Fluxes, Sources, and Trends


12:40 am         Mojtaba Mosaheb, and Mehdi Zeidouni “Pressure Transient Analysis of Vertical Fault Leakage to a High Permeability Zone

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