Louisiana Water Resources Research Institute (LWRRI)

The Institute is a multidisciplinary center for addressing water issues in the state, drawing on faculty from multiple departments and Universities. The Institute serves as a resource for state officials who want unbiased, scientifically defensible information on how to address the State’s water problems.

Understanding Louisiana's Aquifers

LWRRI develops techniques to analyze aquifer architectures where it needs. Aquifer architectures have been constructed for southeastern Louisiana. Current focus is on the Baton Rouge aquifer system pumped by around 250 wells.

Battling Saltwater Intrusion

LWRRI works with the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission and the USGS to battle saltwater intrusion in Baton Rouge's aquifers. The Institute provides geological structures and modeling techniques to assist the Commission's remediation effort.

Conjunctive Use for Sustainability

LWRRI integrates surface water and groundwater systems for northern Louisiana. The effort is to sustain the Sparta Aquifer by seeking better conjunctive use of reservoir water, groundwater and reclaimed water.

Making Well Logs Useful

LWRRI complies underground sand pick data for public information. This is a collaborative effort with governmental agencies and industries. The data are available at Louisiana Well Log Portal website and are essential to understand Louisiana's groundwater resources.