Project Name Principal Investigators
Occurrence and Control of Naegleria fowleri in Groundwater Sources in Louisiana Samendra Sherchan and Jeffrey Wickliffe, Tulane University
Assessing the Spatial Extent, Temporal Variability and Mechanisms of Inland Tracy Quirk and Kanchan Maiti, Louisiana State University
Satellite-Assisted Approach to Adaptive Water Quality Management of Lower Boeuf River Zhiqiang Deng, Louisiana State University
Economic Impacts of Groundwater Salinity in Louisiana Agriculture Krishna P Paudel, Louisiana State University, Agricultural Center


Project Name Principal Investigators
Effects of Climate Change on Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition to Louisiana Water Bodies using Climate Downscaling Meteorology and Chemical Transport Model Hongliang Zhang, Louisiana State University
Desalination of Salt Water for Agriculture Based on a Novel Battery System Xiuping Zhu, Louisiana State University
Determination of Chloride, Nitrate and Other Ion Concentrations in Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer in Northeast Louisiana Douglas Carlson, Louisiana Geological Survey
Coupled Chemical and Hydraulic Impacts of Saltwater Intrusion on the Fate and Transport of Spilled Chemicals in the Mississippi River Zimeng Wang, Louisiana State University

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