Ninth Annual Louisiana Groundwater, Water Resources, and Environmental Symposia

Baton Rouge Geological Society, Louisiana Geological Survey, & Louisiana Water Resources Research Institute

Dalton Woods Auditorium, Energy, Coast & Environmental Building

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

April 16, 2015


Dalton Hall Auditorium

8:35 am           Opening Remarks

Session: Subsurface Techniques Session

Moderator: Douglas Carlson


8:45 am           Jie Shen, Juan M. Lorenzo, and Frank TsaiConstitutive elastic models to predict shallow (<30m) seismic velocities: Natural soils beneath an earthen levee: Marrero, Louisiana, U.S.A.

9:10 am           George Losonsky and  Scott M. Bergeron  “Vertical, Angled and Horizontal Wells in Shallow Aquifers—Drawing Lemonade from Lemons


Session: Professional Geoscientist Continuing Education Session

Moderator: Douglas Carlson


9:35 am           John E. Johnston III The Licensing of Geoscientists in Louisiana

10:00 am         William H. Schramm Ethics for Geoscientists and Engineers

(This lecture meets PG requirement for continuing education of one hour of ethics class yearly)


Session: Sparta Aquifer Supply & Management

Moderator: Douglas Carlson


11:00 am         Amir Mani*, and Frank T.-C. Tsai “Conjunctive management of surface water and groundwater for northern Louisiana

11:25 am         Terry Emory  “The City of West Monroe Sparta Reuse Facility Efforts to Save the Sparta Aquifer


11:50 am to 12:45 pm lunch break

(box lunches provided on site for $10)


Session: Poster (conference room)

11:50 am to 12:45 pm

Yibo Chen, and Sanjay Tewari  Comparative performance evaluation of coal combustion products in industrial wastewater treatment


Session: Groundwater Quality

Moderator: John Lovelace


12:45 pm         Keith B. Hall Mandatory Disclosure of Hydraulic Fracturing Water Composition

1:10 pm           Kate MageeScience and Regulation of Arsenic in Groundwater

1:35 pm           Jeff LaneEvaluating the Practicality of LNAPL Recovery

2:00 pm           Krishna P. PaudelManaging an Aquifer Under The Risk of Costly Event:  When Strategic Interaction Promotes Prudent Behaviors

2:25 pm           K. Telfeyan, A. Breaux, J. Kim, K.H. Johannesson, A.S. Kolker, and J.E. Cable  Biogeochemistry of surface waters and groundwaters at Myrtle Grove, LA


2:50 pm to 3:00 pm break


Session:  Capital Area Groundwater and Saltwater Intrusion

Moderator: Frank Tsai


3:00 pm           Frank T.-C. Tsai  “Geological architecture construction for Baton Rouge saltwater intrusion study

3:25 pm           Charles E. Heywood, Jason M. Griffith, and John K. Lovelace* Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the “1,500-Foot” Sand and “2,000-Foot” Sand, with Scenarios to Mitigate Saltwater Migration in the “2,000-Foot” Sand of the Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana

3:50 pm           Anthony J. Duplechin  Update on Efforts to Address Saltwater Intrusion in the Capital Area

4:15 pm           F. Colleen Wendeborn and Jeffrey S. Hanor*Origin of Sodium-Bicarbonate Groundwaters in the Southern Hills Aquifer System: Why is Baton Rouge Drinking Water So Good?


4:40 pm to 4:50 pm break

Session:  Capital Area Groundwater and Saltwater Intrusion

Moderator: Richard McCulloh


4:50 pm           Vic Kelson*, Rhett Moore, and Bruce Duhe Analysis and Design of a Scavenger Well in the 1500-foot Sand Aquifer, Baton Rouge, LA

5:15 pm           P. R. “Randy” Hollis and Roy A. Waggenspack Design and construction of a salt and fresh water well couple to intercept saltwater migrating into the Southern Hills Aquifer system

5:40 pm           Hai V. Pham* and Frank T.-C. TsaiOptimal Groundwater Observation Network Design for Model Discrimination under Conceptual Model Uncertainty: Case Study for Baton Rouge Aquifer System, Louisiana           




Conference Room

Session: South Louisiana Surface Water

Moderator:  Marty Horn


8:45 am           Ehsan Beigi and Frank T.-C. Tsai Climate change impacts on surface water and groundwater recharge of southwestern Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana

9:10 am           Y. Jun XuSediment sluicing at LSU University Lake – A proposal for combating urban lake siltation and nutrient enrichment

9:35 am           Whitney P. Broussard III, Jian Chen, Fabiane B. Santos, Emad Habib, and David M. Borrok, Integrating Social and Environmental Data in a Georeferenced Surface Water Use-Availability Model

10:00 am         Pawan Kumar Yadav, Sandesh Thapa, Xiao Han, Cecilia Richmond,  and Ning Zhang Effects of a Vegetation Model in Hydrodynamic Simulations of Calcasieu Lake and Surrounding

10:25 am         Bijay Kumar Pokhrel* and Krishua P. PaudelAssessing The Efficiency Of Alternative Best Management Practices To Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution In The Saline Bayou Watershed, Louisiana

10:50 am         Adebayo Segun  and Reda Amer GIS Analysis of Lake Pontchartrain Water Quality before and After the Bonnet Carré Spillway Opening in 2011

11:15 am         David M. Borrok, Emad Habib, Whitney P. Broussard, III, JoAnne DeRouen, Durga Poudel, and Ning Zhang, Surface water use to counterbalance groundwater withdrawals in Southwest Louisiana


11:40 am to 12:45 pm lunch break

(box lunches provided on site for $10)


Session: Water Supply and Interaction of Groundwater with Surface Water

Moderator:  Anthony J. Duplechin


12:45 pm         Dale J. Nyman Regional water-level changes in the Baton Rouge “2,800-foot” sand

1:10 pm           B. Pierre Sargent, Robert B. Fendick, and Angela L. Collier A Comparison of Groundwater Watch Water-Level Data with Water-Use Data in Louisiana

1:35 pm           Joseph E. BerlinWater Demand Forecasting for Toledo Bend Reservoir Reallocation

2:00 pm           Sanjeev Joshi, and  Y. Jun Xu Riverine sediment fractions as a function of discharge at Tarbert Landing and Simmesport – Indication of the need for flow control to maximize sediment sources

2:25 pm           Alexander Breaux , Alexander S. Kolker, Katherine Telfeyan, Jihyuk Kim, Karen Johannesson, and Jaye E. Cable “Semi-Permeable Paleochannels as Conduits for Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Mississippi River Delta Stratigraphy, Barataria Bay, Louisiana

2:50 pm           Alexander S. Kolker, Alex Breaux, Jaye E. Cable, Dan Coleman, Jihyuk Kim, Karen Johannesson, Katheryn Telfeyan, and Mead A. Allison  “Submarine Groundwater Discharge In the Mississippi River Delta A Missing Hydrological Flux


3:15 pm to 3:25 pm break

Session: Surface Water quality, Treatment, and Management

Moderator:  John Johnston III


3:25 pm           D. C. Lofton,  M. Barbato, K.A. Rusch, K.A., and M.T. Gutierrez-WingDetermination of a Suitable Formulation of Fluorogypsum, Class C Fly Ash, and Portland Type II Cement as an Oyster Cultch Material Based on Leaching Characteristics

3:50 pm           Jacob Foy, and  M. Teresa Gutierrez-WingImpact of Microalgae/Cyanobacteria Co-culture on Sugar Mill Effluents

4:15 pm           Changyoon Jeong, Ernest Girouard, and Patrick Colyer  “Tailwater recovery system as a best management practice to improve irrigation water quantity and quality in Louisiana

4:40 pm           Md Ashique Ahmed and Sanjay TewariAdsorption-desorption enhancement in Capacitive Deionization using membranes, resins, polymers and electrode modification


5:05 pm to 5:15 pm break


5:15 pm           Wade L. Bryant Relative Importance of Physicochemical Factors to Stream Biological Condition

5:40 pm           Douglas Carlson Impact of land use on concentrations of ions, Total Dissolved Solids, and Total Suspended Solids in East Baton Rouge Parish      



Class Room 1070 in Energy, Coast & Environment Building

Session: Water Demand and Supply

Moderator:  Douglas Carlson

12:10 pm         Michael Tritico, and Paul Ringo  “Water Usage Issues in Southwest Louisiana


Session: Land Subsidence in South Louisiana

Moderator:  Douglas Carlson


12:35 pm         Paul V. HeinrichCauses and Effects of Late Holocene Subsidence on the Pierre Part distributary complex Ascension and Assumption parishes, Louisiana

12:50 pm         Douglas CarlsonChanges in 21 st century of global sea-level rise and relative sea-level rise in coastal Louisiana


A* after an author’s name indicate that person is presenting the paper

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