An Update on Addressing Saltwater Intrusion in the “2,000-ft” Sand in the Baton Rouge Area: Looking Toward the Future

Tony Duplican, Executive Director, 3535 South Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite 137, Baton Rouge, LA 70816,

Due to heavy pumping of certain aquifers within the Capital area, saltwater from the south has moved across the Baton Rouge Fault into some of the fresh water aquifers in East Baton Rouge Parish. The Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District is empowered to take all necessary steps to prevent intrusion of salt water or any other form of pollutant into any aquifer or aquifers, including the powers to operate withdrawal wells for the extraction of salt water or water affected by any pollutant and to dispose of such water by injection or otherwise; to operate injection wells to create freshwater barriers against salt water intrusion or the intrusion of any other pollutant; and to control pumping rates by users in any area threatened by intrusion of salt water or other form of pollutant.

The District has explored options to address saltwater intrusion in the “2,000-ft” sand, which is used by both industry and public supply. Installation of a saltwater scavenger well system is the preferred course of action. Well location and depth are of concern and being discussed.

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